Stress is my friend

At least in the workshop this is almost always the case. While agonising over which finds i should work with with the coming re-enactment season in mind, i got a rush order for a special something for a friends birthday. So i abandoned the viking-age for the 13'th century and came up with this rather lush annular brooch that is a merging of two different finds from England. Quite pleased with how it came out. The owner decided on the oxidised finish that differs from the gilt finds we looked at for inspiration, but compliments the stones very well. 

Long over-due items

Setting up shop after an unscheduled 2-year gap resulted inevitably in spending a fair bit of time on orders i was unable to complete in Bodø. It feels good to get things done and i look forward to finishing the rest. Very grateful for the grace and understanding shown by my patient clients <3


Karis pendant

Kari's pendant ready for shipping. 

Christmas came and went...

Starting out life in the new workshop i made some jewellery with the Christmas marked at Sverresborg in mind and i went a bit nuts, painting, assembling and gilding 93 christmas ornaments from walnut shells. The marked had super crappy weather but was made highly enjoyable by Kristine Vike, the creator of the very delightful Ver∂a soaps! 

New workshop, new website

 The site you are visiting is under construction and will be subject to changes in the near future.