«Ripple effects”

Is the English translation of the title of my current solo exhibition at SENTRALGALLERIET. The works are hammered out of brass and strive to show the movement or influence patterns of events, decisions and moments that shape the surrounding world. For the first time in a long time working with large format metal I have grown much stronger again. Now that the work is presented and speaks for it self I am reflecting on how impossible it would have been to work like this a year ago. I am showing to the public for the first time since I underwent cancer-treatment in 2016/17 and it’s only now become clear to me how long it has taken to recover to a functional level of some kind. I feel I have returned to myself.

Interacting with the public at the opening yesterday I got to experience my works through their eyes, and it gave me a few new tags to attach to the finished pieces. Shields, waves, skins and wheels and sun-symbolism are words heard around the room. It is so much fun to hear what people see. Looking forward to hearing more today.