Raising and sinking

I spent the fall testing ideas for my hollowware exhibition in august. While making sinking forms It became obvious that i need heavier equipment to be able to go up in scale. I need more stakes, and heavier hammers. While researching this i bacame fascinated with japanese raising workstations, where you sit on a wide tree trunk and the long, wavy stakes are mounted in holes all around you with simple wedges. This is so basic and so smart, and eliminates the need for vices, which makes it perfect for my re-enactment ambitions. So much better for long working sessions, where my feet normaly start to argue with me.

So 2019 is starting with brand new heavy hammers made for me by the utterly wonderfull Brent Bailey and a clear goal for further development of my shop. This year It will be all about raising and sinking. I know it will bring much needed changes, now i must whip up the shape to meet them.